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This is your new Dashboard! It’s specifically designed to make it quicker and easier for you to join booked classes. Make a new booking, manage your eWallet and of course our new feature – the Hadada Community!

Your advice, suggestions and sending me WhatsApps built this Community. We appreciate your support and involvement in its development, and we’ve done our research – this is the VERY FIRST of this kind of platform. We’re excited to share this experience with you!

Oelof & Michael

New Menu & Navigation

  • Sidebar: An easy navigation system to get your where you need to be
  • Menu: Clean look menu bar to guide you to your main pages
  • Profile drop-down Menu: Everything you need for your Profile Page

New Dashboard, previously My Locker

  • Quick access to your booked classes
  • Make a new booking from all the classes available
  • Manage your eWallet
  • Access the Hadada Community

Hadada Community – New Feature! We excited to launch the Hadada Community platform that enables you to connect with your instructor and other fitness lovers such as yourself.

The Hadada Community is made up of;

  • Members – everyday users such as yourself 
  • Fitness Instructors – offering classes to attend
  • Groups – a collection of members sharing the same interests

Every Member and Fitness Instructor has their own unique Profile page.
You can search for Members or Fitness Instructors in the member’s directory.

Your own Profile page

  • Upload profile picture
  • Upload banner profile picture
  • See your timeline, connections & groups
  • Make a post to your timeline, to your friends or in a group
  • (more to come soon)

Once you purchase or make a booking for the first time to an Instructor’s class or package, you’ll be automatically added to their Group and the relevant Fitness Program Group.

Group: Instructor

  • The Instructor’s Group is where you can engage with other Members that join you for the same classes. Publish your post-workout selfie, or share your thoughts on the class. 
  • The Instructor can communicate to all the Members of their classes on any time changes, upcoming events or new classes. You’ll receive an instant email from your Instructor if they send out a Group message.
  • You can engage with the Instructor in real-time and they will receive an instant email if you send them a private message.
  • Book Now – a tab in the group that ONLY shows the upcoming classes of the Instructor – a quick and easy way for you to book.
  • Store – a tab in the group that shows ONLY the Instructor’s Classes, Packages and Store Page (All products, services and reviews)

Group: Fitness Program

  • Many instructors teach the same dicipline or class. We each have our favourite, but some of us love variety. BUT, what do we all have in common? We LOVE this workout, class, program or dicipline! Therefore, Fitness Program Groups allow you to connect with other members that share the same interest.
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends, classes and news from the Fitness Program.
  • Find an Instructor that offers the program from the Group’s member list

We encourage everyone to be part of the Hadada Community, developed and created for YOU. Why do you say “me”? The COVID-19 pandemic has taught as many things and forced us to look at the world in a different way. The most important aspect we took away from the pandemic was the sense of belonging.

We’ve been isolated from each other (with or without our loved ones). We had to find other means to communicate and rely on each other during these challenging times – and this is where the Community was born. You fostered a community, whether you were aware of it or not.

We all come from various walks of life, but when you showed up for your class, you enjoyed every second of it because you were part of a community. You were part of something that made you feel you belong, trusted and valued. There was no judgement for your presence and your contribution was accepted with gratitude and often they were intrigued by your story or views.

During Lockdown, it’s these very same communities that helped us cope with our mental well being. We inherently connected trustworthiness to our community, it is our sacred haven where we can all be ourselves, let our hair loose, dance like no-one is watching, but also share those intimate moments, show weakness and have honest conversations without fear.

Although we encourage you to participate and utilise the Hadada Community platform, you’re free to disable all these features if you wish to do so. It won’t take away from your experience on Hadada and you can still use the basic functionality – the ease of booking, purchasing and joining your classes.

Profile visibility can be easily managed through Account Settings – see Privacy and Security.

You are free to leave any or all groups you are added to. Automatic adding to groups only happen on the first purchase/booking of a class or package. It’s not recommended to leave the Instructor’s Group because they will not be able to easily get in touch with you and send you any updates/changes.

You may also disable all the notifications emails from the Hadada Community platform – see Email Notifications. However, Group messages sent to members will be received via an email and you will be notified via the notifications bar once you are logged in to your profile.

Your profile will always be visible to Hadada administrators and Fitness Instructors. Only the information you provide on the profile will be displayed, however, visibility status (i.e. Public, Members only, Friends only, Group Members only or Only Me) will be available to select from. Your first and last name will appear on your profile.

We value the Right to Privacy. Therefore, we’ve implemented all the functionality required for you to enjoy the Hadada Community space safely and securely. 

Please take a moment to set up your preferences in your Account settings. Your Account Settings can be found in your sidebar menu (bottom, just above Logout button) or in your Profile dropdown menu. Our Privacy Policy also extends to the Hadada Community platform.

We know you are going to LOVE this feature! Yes, we think it’s important to configure the notifications you receive based on your preferences. This functionality gives you full control of notifications sent through email from the Hadada Community platform. The email notifications don’t apply to emails you are currently receiving from purchases, bookings and orders placed.

Send us a direct message on the Hadada profile page or email us at info@hadada.org

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