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Unlock Your Full Potential

Our range of daily classes means that you can become fully accomplished in your preferred technique. Or you can gain new skills everyday through exploring our full range.


Easy Set-up​​

It’s easy to sign-up for a class. And most of our classes don’t require specialised equipment. Bring only your towel and water.

Workout Anywhere

Immerse yourself in our fitness classes whenever you want to.  You can join from the comfort of your home, or from wherever you are in the world.

Affordable Prices​

Our fitness instructors choose their own prices, which means that you will benefit from a range of choices that suit your budget. Some classes are even free. No excuses anymore.

Meet Your Instructors

About Us

Hadada is an online fitness community. We connect everyday athletes with industry-leading fitness instructors. We provide a platform that facilitates live online classes. We believe that live-streaming classes are much better than pre-recorded videos. Live classes allow you to connect to your instructor and fellow athletes in real-time, which improves your enjoyment and motivation.

Our fitness instructors are the heart of our platform. For way too long, fitness instructors have been under-paid and under-appreciated. We think that is wrong. And that is why  it is core to our mission that instructors are properly rewarded for their talents and hard work. Instructors set their own fees, which allows Hadada to offer a wide variety of classes at various prices. Our instructors benefit, and so do you.