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Diversify your fitness routine

Whether you're starting your fitness journey or supplementing your existing fitness routine, we've got you covered! Enjoy many online fitness classes on offer, from strength and cardio to balance and stability.

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Meet Your Instructors

Connect with your Instructors

Hadada is a community that offers live online fitness classes. Therefore, you should be able to connect with your instructor and fellow members. This is a great way for you and the instructor to get to know each other, you can also ask them any burning questions you might have about the classes they offer. Find your instructor and send them an inbox message or add them as a conncetion.

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Easy Set-up​​

It’s easy to sign-up for a class. And most of our classes don’t require specialised equipment. Bring only your towel and water.

Workout Anywhere

Immerse yourself in our fitness classes whenever you want to.  You can join from the comfort of your home, or from wherever you are in the world.

Affordable Prices​

Our fitness instructors choose their own prices, which means that you will benefit from a range of choices that suit your budget. Some classes are even free. No excuses anymore.

Unlock Your Full Potential

Our range of daily classes means that you can become fully accomplished in your preferred technique. Or you can gain new skills everyday through exploring our full range.

Online Class Schedule

By now you should have an idea of an instructor or fitness program that spark your interest. You can explore and have a look at our instructor's weekly online class schedule. Use the filters to find your perfect match.

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Our Community Says



Human Rights Day

We use fitness to feel powerful and celebrated (which is what human rights are all about). Exercise and endorphins releases make me feel empowered. The Hadada instructors are bringing you the best full-body workout, packed with fun and excitement!

We remember the Sharpville massacre where at least 69 people, who were protesting against pass laws, were killed by the police. Today we celebrate all the human rights that we have in our Constitution.

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Listen to our interview with Jenny Crwys-Williams on her show Saturdays with Jenny – KAYA 959

Arnold Classic

Fitness Power Fiesta

The annual Arnold Classic Africa 2020 was affected by COVID-19 and had to be postponed until 2021. However, with the Hadada platform, 30 fitness instructors could showcase their programs and specialities in the very first Virtual Events. The Fitness Power Fiesta took place over 10 weeks using the platform to ensure every participant could easily book and join their 2-hour session from all over the world.


Muscle & Health

Magazine Feature

SEP 2020
An innovative new online fitness platform for everyone!

“With South Africans having been being stuck in their homes during lockdown and kept out of their daily routines, even regular gym-goers have found it difficult to stick to their fitness routines. And with the shutdown of gyms saw the livelihoods of fitness instructors being completely wiped out. Fitness professionals have been forced to become inventive to find a new way of earning a living. One such fitness instructor, Oelof de Meyer, went on to create – an innovative new online platform of live fitness classes. Muscle & Health Southern Africa had the chance to interview de Meyer to find out more about the platform.”

Muscle & Health South Africa Edition
September 2020, p162-163

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About Us

Hadada is an online fitness community. We connect everyday athletes with industry-leading fitness instructors. We provide a platform that facilitates live online classes. We believe that live-streaming classes are much better than pre-recorded videos. Live classes allow you to connect to your instructor and fellow athletes in real-time, which improves your enjoyment and motivation.

Our fitness instructors are the heart of our platform. For way too long, fitness instructors have been under-paid and under-appreciated. We think that is wrong. And that is why  it is core to our mission that instructors are properly rewarded for their talents and hard work. Instructors set their own fees, which allows Hadada to offer a wide variety of classes at various prices. Our instructors benefit, and so do you.